Should you get cervical cancer vaccine if you're not having unprotected sex?

is it worth it? the vaccine apparently protects against HPV. I'm married and we are both monogamous. is there any point in getting the vaccine? are at hand other ways of contracting HPV that i'm not aware of?

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If you are married and you are both ligit to respectively other then I see no purpose for getting the vaccine myself. But cervical cancer does not discriminate. There is nothing proverb that HPV is only cause by STD's. As far as we know, STD's can cause cervical cancer (HPV) but in that could be other ways of getting it too that we just dont know something like. I honestly think your ok if you are married and true to respectively other. If your single like I am currently, it would be worth it to me to grasp b/c I am out there dating again and who know whats out there..uggghhh. I used to be married and have unprotected sex too but now I cant pilfer that chance. But if you still touch uncertain, speak near your gyn or do some research online. Web MD is a great source. One last entity, I believe the vaccine for this is recommended for women under 30. I believe I remember the gyn unfolding me that. Also, the vaccine is good for three types of STD's.

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yes, universal inoculation is recommended.

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I would. The first item they will do is check for the virus. If you are clean, after the shot can be given. I guess I am a pessimist at heart. I would get it since you never know what will crop up in the adjectives. Maybe you will get married again, etc. If you get hold of it, then it will not be a verbs on your mind.

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no and no sex nonetheless until your married anyway.

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No, this vaccine is just really effective if it's given to girls since their first sexual intercourse. Give it to your daughter someday, but it's not really intended for married adults.

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Yes - It is good to own the vaccine and by this the chance of getting this type of cancer by unprotected sex.

In what official called a foremost public health breakthrough, the Food and Drug Administration yesterday approved the first vaccine developed to protect women against cervical cancer.

The vaccine, which works by building imperviousness against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus, was found to be efficient in preventing almost three-quarters of adjectives cervical cancers.

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