I need HELP! I am 47 yrs old and have not had my pd since last Dec. Know I am in Menopause. Why Hot Flash

to continue--they happen almost every hour and label me so cranky!! Any suggestions? I have have 2 'minor' strokes cannot use hormones.

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Menopause symptoms can ultimate for years. Try Soy Isoflavones and Black Cohosh for your hot flashes. It helps me. You can attach some red clover to that mix too if they aren't strong enough. Check beside your dr. because some herbs may own interactions with medication.

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Have you spoken near your doctor about your condition? Check out the following website, it might aid.

I went to scotland which be great the first week and the second my mother became so aggitated she ruined the?

I suggest trying the all-natural Menopause Balance Complex.

This complex uses compounds found in plants call phytoestrogens to ease mood swings, sleeplessness, and hot flashes associated next to menopause. Black cohosh is a clinically proven herb that helps relieve hot flashes.

Also provides soy isoflavones and flaxseed lignans as ably as a proprietary phytoestrogen blend of dong quai, red clover, and licorice. No artificial colors, flavors, or synthetic preservatives.

Also, B-Complex - often call the "happy food". The B vitamins nurture the nerves and have a profound effect on mental and excited stability. Stress, medications, sugars and alcohol adjectives rob the body of B vitamins.

Hope this is helpful and have a feeling free to contact me with question or for website.

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I have so many hot flashes and hours of darkness sweats, I was going crazy! The one product that eliminate it all for me be the Frutaiga beverage. I am only 41....

I won't place a join here because I know we are not supposed to sell anything. I in recent times wanted to share what worked for me.


My daugter?

Talk beside your doctor. Let him/her know what is happening.

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