Women only! Menopause. Did you go on a hormone replacement therapy? Drug or Natural? Side effects?


which is the easiest way to loose cargo?

Try going to a Vitamin Supply store and get some vitamins/supplements that will backing you through it. My mom did the soy thing and she be so much happier doing that then taking medicine. There are alot of different natural option now so try them first and if adjectives fails lift the replacements.

Period Problems?

Yes, I was on a combination of estrogen and progesterone for several years. The progesterone give me severe PMS symptoms (irritability, crying, breast tenderness), so my doctor switched me to a type of progesterone derived from plant sources. Then the PMS symptoms were much smaller number noticeable. I be happy to shift off the hormones after a few years, and haven't notice any menopausal symptoms since then. What a nouns to be done with adjectives that period hassle!

How various crunches ?

yes i am taking hormone replacement therapy. i enjoy patches which i redeploy evey 4 days as i forget to take my pills .enormously well recomended.its call evorel 100.no night sweats for me after have my womb removed ,due to cancer.there are no side affects.from mikhal within israel.

What would cause my discharge to be fleshy?

As Mikhal, I used to use the Alora patch. My doctor switched me to FemRing which is inserted once every 3 months. I haven't notice any difference with any procuct in expressions of side effects. With both, I occasionally had tender breasts, but zilch troublesome. I prefer the FemRing for convenience sake. :-)

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