what are some good face washes/ medication for acn, and does stress really make acne worse?


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You may want to try some anti-bacterial soaps, you can read more roughly them here: http://www.acneaccess.com/prevention/soap.html

I haven't had a term in a month, but I am NOT pregnant. Any explaination?

I don't know any biddable face medication but Neutrogena is really well brought-up my sister uses it and yeah stress makes it worse cuz I annoy my sister lol and she have bad acne

guys plz answer my interview if u can


Birth Control Pill Fertility and Acne!?

witch hazel on a cotton bubble twice daily

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Yea, stress will generate acne worse. GREAT cream is Benzaclyn.

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yes stress make it worse.but just put some white tooth smooth mixture on you faces this will dry it up.do this and till it stir.good luck.

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I've used Nivea and L'Oréal beforehand, and both of their lines for young skin worked moderately well. If you're really bothered, possibly your doctor has something for you.

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I tried some of these home based remedies and they did work for me ,this cooperation has greatly of information and forums to discuss issues pertaining to skin,hair and counterweight problems so here goes,

Good luck

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Yes stress could manufacture Acne worse.

80 percent of people will win acne outbreaks between the age of 11 and 30 at some point. So stay calm as stress could your acne worse. Read more roughly speaking it.

People find acne embarassing and emotionally distressing. How much people know roughly Acne?

When I got Acne, I hold read through many sites and I enjoy followed their advice. It be very adjectives to me to take comfort of my Acne. It is very substantial to get information almost Acne as much as possible to be able to rob care of it. To read more nearly Acne, go to the following site.


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