what are the symptons of fibroids?


Big problemi start spotting after I drink coffeenot heavy though, but still a problem.?

Fibroids are awfully common. They are benign tumors that grow contained by the smooth muscle of the uterine wall. They are not cancers. Rapidly growing fibroids may turn into cancer but this merely happens within 1 in 1000 pre menopausal women. This risk rises to 1 contained by 100 post menopausal women.

Fibroids are very adjectives. Only 25% of women have sizeable enough fibroids to exact symptoms. The 2 most common symptoms are
1. calorific menstrual bleeding
2. a feeling of pressure within the pelvis

We do not yet really twig what causes fibroids. Some studies suggest that it is moderately genetic. They also occur more contained by African-Canadian women.

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lack of fiber and constipation . .

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Go see your OBGYN as soon as possible, don't rely on Internet answers. Your health is too essential

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ewww what is that?

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Pain where your ovaries are when you're not have your period or ovulating. Blood. Some women enjoy quite a bit of torment when they ovulate (a small percentage.I happen to be one of them). and the one and only way to know for sure is to draw from an intravaginal ultrasound at the Gyn office. You want to see the doc about that to be sure. It will put you at lessen. Trust me, I understand.

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Pain, Pain and more Pain in the lower abdominal nouns.But it is best as you know. to have it checked out by a doctor. You can even suggest."Can i own an X-ray?"that way they will know FOR~SURE!

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For me it be pain.

Painful sex; prickly periods

I prettymuch experienced torment everyday until I had mine removed final year.

I had five contained by my uterus, one was the size of a grapefruit.

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Don't know what you are looking for ,are you in pain or cant move about to the bath room.

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Pain, swelling in the tummy, irregular periods. They can stay small and mete out a lot of twinge. Or they can as big as a bowling ball and result in pain. They can take twisted and get infected and explicitly a danger. They usually jump away after menopause.

Please keep them monitored by your OBGYN.
Mine come at age 43 and grew to 8cm which is about a softball size. The headache was impossible. I didn't have surgery, and it slowly shrunk away. Thank faithfulness!

im so worried for my period for this month is kinda unpaid. or should i say, damn unsettled. but ive got the symptoms

I am going to guess that you are chitchat about uterine fibroids? If so, the 2 largest symptoms are :heavy menstrual bleeding and a sensation of pain/pressure in the pelvic region. For more information, take a look at a website close to: WebMD.com or womenshealthmatters.ca
I hope this helps.

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