Menopause @ 20after having a Baby?

Is it possible to have menopause after have your first child? I heard that you could. I suppose I might have/be going through meno.. right now. Is that possible. And how do I find out what question do I ask. my doctor? Some one help!

Please Help?

Yes do manufacture appointment with your doctor in the order of your concern about Menopause. There are blood question paper to check these things. How long ago did you have your infant? I think the best answer your going to seize is from a Medical expert and not from us. It's not a dumb question and you own a legitimate concern.

Is anyone know any breast contraction pills in malaysia?

look up ovarian flop on uptodate or webmd

i had a epidural 11 months ago,beside my son been have lower back and spine aching is this normal?

just lift some good supplements and you will a moment ago be fine

Is it commonplace?

probably not sometimes it takes a while to procure back on rota and sometimes you have to be in motion as far as going on birth control pills or other meds to restart your cycle. Tell your doc your symptoms and let them head you they will have the best answers a friend of mine however go two years after the birth of her first child before her cycle started again.

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