What Are the symptoms of pregnancy for women that have a tubal ligation?


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Symptoms of pregnancy are usually a result of the hormonal changes and would be duplicate as for someone who has not have a tubal ligation. These would include absent/ scanty time of year. Positive pregnancy test. Nausea, tiredness. Breast intensification and tenderness. Frequent urination.
Other symptoms can result from the position of the pregnancy, a pregnancy which implant outside the uterus can cause affliction and unusual bleeding.
It is rare to become pregnant after sterilisation, but it does happen
Anyone who is concerned should speak to their Doctor.

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Same as any other pregnancy, but if you do get pregnant beside a tubal you need to stir to the doctor because it could end up man an ectopic pregnancy which could kill you..ectopic of late means the egg is surrounded by the tubes and has no process to get out so it get bigger and bigger and could rupture.. Not trying to scare you freshly giving you facts..

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there are no symptoms for pregnancy for a individual who has have a tubal ligation, it has to be something else. tubal ligation is a unbreakable form of birth control, where the surgeon cuts the fallopian tube and eather ties the ends or burns the ends where on earth he cut. pregnancy therefore cannot rob place because the egg (ova) can not reach your uterus. some tubal ligations go amiss but only a small percent. if you own symptom of pregnancy you need to see you doctor it could be signs of a false pregnancy or something more serious.

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tubal ligation means that the falopian tubes be surgically blocked to avoid conception. Sometimes they fail to complete the intended purpose hence pregnancy may result. Symptoms indicating pregnancy are the same as surrounded by any woman who did not go for tubal ligation, eg morning sickness, increased urine production etc. If tubal ligation be well done, afterwards no pregnancy should occur and not to verbs about any pregnancy because you are living the rest of your enthusiasm without giving birth to a child.

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