What is best to take for menstrual cramps?

i get them really unpromising, i take tylenol, but i rob tylenol for everything, and it can do sever liver damage! midol doesn't work that great. and ibuprofen is OK.

Period problems.?

Take 800mg of Ibuprofen, its a cure adjectives.

Daughter is 6 wks pregnant, got contained by a car happenstance, hospital prescribed vicadin and a muscle relaxer?

800mg of ibuprofen. it won't screw your liver up, but it will cause stomach upset and sometimes ulcer if taken like every year.

Why do women have their own verbal skill?

umm well drink resembling vicodene or somethin or drink 2 ibuprofen and drink a tea or somethin!!

Is something wrong when every time you have sex you start bleeding?

I've other used Midol but some people right to be heard Pamprin works better for them. It's worth a try!

Hi dear do you know what is mean by fanaa?

My daughter have a terrible problem beside cramps. She suffered severely, so I sent her to my gynocologist and she prescribed birth control pills.. She hasn't had cramps since. If you're infantile, ask your mom about it.

How does one properly douche??

ummm end time i checked it was midol, and im a dude

MSRA Infection?

When I be in dignified school and have really bad menstrual cramps my mother would pass me a shot of whiskey. It made me sleep soundly and I didn't have to suffer. I'm not condoning this one and only relaying what mom thought was best. No meds help me either.

I have protected sex w/my bf and jus went on the pill but hold reached the white pills and own no period?

Tylenol does not backing some girls with cramps because it does not contain an anti inflammatory agent. Try motrin or advil, and drink lots of marine.

My sister has genital herpes, can i find it from using the bathroom after her?

i hear that birth control pills help go and get rid of cramps completely.
my friend got them prescribed from her gyno and she said they worked wonders.
if it is a big problem for you, you should unambiguously get them too!

For Women, After sex so you ever??

As a guy, I would enjoy to suggest.

.a European vacation.

Ooh, it took your sense of humor too. Sorry. Double up on the Ibuprofen.

Tampon and sex?

As propose as that sounds it is true. Cramps are caused by the muscles trying to do away with the uterine lining. The better condition the muscles, the more relaxed, the more stretched the smaller amount stressed they will be. Just like every other muscle within your body!
sit ups or crunches, keegels, walking, biking, swimming, yoga, martial arts, anything help.
Make certain you grasp exercise before your cycle starts respectively month, keep economically hydrated, and the best exercise is .. orgasming.. i know you all imagine I'm being unnatural but it's true. Self stimulation or sexual activity right in the past and during your period works your muscles to stretch and relax them plus it releases adjectives those extra endorphines that numb the nerve ending. Many women experience an increased sex drive due to the changing of the hormones so you might as economically enjoy making yourself surface better.

you may think I'm human being rather odd but you should have be there for the uncap discussion in my coed anatomy and physiology class. yikes speak about individual red faced!!

Can I still thieve birth control?

Try a heating wad on the stomache..sometimes that helps..also try Midol menstral..that works alot..or try pamprin.also put legs up for cramps..

what is cause of vaginal yeast infection?

Hi.I suffered the same.I tried everything.what worked for me be Advil, but I had to rob it regularly..so I gave a try to Lydia Pinkham which took my cramps away...is affordable and you can find it in almost any drugstore. Wish this help you!!

Can anybody knows nearly polyurea?

Tylenol will only do liver smash up if you take too much of it, every time, and you also drink lots of alcohol.

You might find that alternating aspirin, acetaminophen(Tylenol) and ibuprofen(Motrin) will work better than just using one point that isn't 100% effective. Take one, hang about four hours, take another if needed, etc.

I still swear by my heat pad sometimes too.

HAS ANYONE HAD A COLPOSCOPY DONE? WHAT WERE YOUR RESULTS? What be the treatment, how's your health immediately?

I take Motrin, it have helped although lately the aching is really bad. I hear doctors say birth control pills help. u can ask ur doctor about it and see if what they articulate suits u.

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