Painful periods after tubal ligation?

I had a tubal ligation after my son be born in November. Since afterwards my periods enjoy been extremely uncomfortable & heavy. My Dr say that the tubal has zilch to do with it. I disagree since I never have these problems before. This be my second child & this didn't happen after the birth of my first. The cramping is torture & the bleeding is fanciful. Has anyone else experienced this after a tubal?

Do I have some sort of a body carving problem ?

You don't mention how old you are. But please hold in mind that your body is other going to change - it is the curse of human being a woman. I'm quite sure that it is sheer coincidence that your heavier periods/cramping coincided next to the TL.
Furthermore, I'm sure you've heard that every pregnancy is different - simply because you didn't have this problem after your daughter's birth does not suggest this is out of the ordinary.
Again, you're elder now than you be then and your body is varying.

If your periods become insufferably painful and brawny, there are treatment option available for you. Talk to a gynecologist that specializes in balloon psychiatric help for heavy period - you're obviously not going to enjoy any more kids, so fertility is not an issue for you.

I wish you luck.

Why haven't I get my period all the same?

yeah but my periods didnt take like that til 3 years after my finishing daughter was born

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