What are some symptoms of cervical cancer vs signs of a ovarian cyst?

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foot cross-question?

Cervical cancer is painless and has no symptoms (unless it's contained by it's very, greatly, late stages). Ovarian cysts sometimes hold no symptoms, but when they do, it's usually lower quadrant pain, and sometimes some minor bleeding.

Missed period, neg preg test what could be going on?

not sure more or less the cancer,, but I have have cysts all my enthusiasm,,

you are in far-fetched pain,, within your abodomine,, right where your overies are,, you hold irregular periods,, stuff close to ,, the pain is usually right around when you ovulate or since you start your period.

Any one pleasen backing me .ive got something stuck in my?

Abnormal Bleeding

Unusual Heavy Discharge

Pelvic pain

Pain during urination

Bleeding between regular menstrual period or after sexual intercourse, douching or a pelvic exam

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