i stopped breastfeeding 3yrs ago but im still lactating, what can i do to stop this embarassing situation?

it only happen when my nipples are squeezed, and im too embarrassed to run to the doctor. please any ideas on how to stop this or warning will be appreciated.

Why is my period coming 2 weeks precipitate (ladies or doctors only please)?

put in the picture ur husband to stop laying beside them, like touching them or use his mouth, this will build you do so. if you squeeze them and take the milk out, they will verbs to do milk. it is nothing doomed to failure with them, if they really bothers you, amke sure you don't wear tight bra or clothes, and move about to the doc, a female doctor, at hand is nothing to be embarassed of. by the method female can hold discharge even if not pregnant or man suck on them for long time

I'm thinking in the order of getting a breast reductionbut am completely terrified. Is it worth it?

You may enjoy a hormone imbalance. However, don't be humiliated to see your doctor, they've seen and hear it all up to that time, and you may find you get treated and it's adjectives cleared up in no time.

Why does sex do this?

no offense intended,but you can formulate big money in fully fledged entertainment.some guys would pay $$$ newly to see that

Can you get your interval twice while on the pill?

you need to stir to the doctor because it sounds as though it could be caused by a hormone inequality. doctors have see worse things before trust me. rob your partner or close friend with you for moral support if you want.

Where can I hold a Colposcopy done?

Mine did that too. Eventually it just stopped. Does your husband play next to them a lot? That would stimulate the breast milk to flow.

Birth Control?

Leave your nipples alone and eventually it will stop.

Do i sweat too much?

hi, I am exactly matching, it seems too long to be lactating does'nt it but i feel it's hormones, that's what I read anyway, are you on the pill? it might have an effect,that's what i blame it on, www.netdoctor.co.uk is a virtuous website for advice and information. you should see your GP if your worried.

Have you have a breast reduction?

you could write into little Britain and give to do the "bitty"scene

Yeast infections?

Don't be embarrassed bout going to the drs. thats what they're near for, and believe you me, they've seen much worse, and they're trained in that sort of piece. its nothing for you to verbs about, but stop squeezing them!

Everything u know around Periods?

see your doctor

Hormonal Headaches?

Go to the Gyaneocologist & check ur body,Take tests close to.
Growth Hormone
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Leutinising Hormone.
Estrogen & Progesterone Tests
Growth Hormone.
Take all the test & you will get the foundation for the hormone imbalance

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