I have fibroids and am worried, are they serious?


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than can be but contained by most cases they just call for to be removed to keep from becoming serious ususally they are basically uncomfortable and can explanation pain during sex for example but simply you're doctor can tell you if its the serious humane or not dont worry too much though you're not the simply one going through it

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No, don't worry.

Over 30% of women own fibroids. The only piece you should do is to go to your doctor and he or she will dispatch you to measure them every 6 months or so. If the size of them didn't translation they will leave them in attendance but if they get bigger they rob them out to prevent them being cancerous some year.

Good luck!

Please help me its emergency?

I am not sure what you aim with fibroid.but as far as is within women health I assume it must be myomes..approaching a benign tumor on your womb. If it is that.they are not dangerous.I imply they don't become cancer but they can make you bleed during your period or out of them.if this happens later you would need an hysterectomy ( the simply treatment is surgery)

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Fibroids themselves are not serious. The destiny of one becoming cancerous is probably less than 1/500 or even rarer. However, fibroids can front to irregular or heavy bleeding, and and so, anemia. They can make the uterus fairly large, ascendant to abdominal pain, or spasm with intercourse. Surgery to remove them, or your uterus, can be more difficult if they are allowed to grow. Certainly, an ultrasound every 6 months is a perfect idea for an aspiration measurement of your fibroids.

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