Double Periods During Menopause?

I am currently going through Menopause, I often miss period the most I have missed so far is three. I suffer mood swings, hot sweats and memory loss. Last month I started a time which lasted a week consequently appeared to end. The following sunshine i started to loose light pink blood again and thought it be just a finishing flush as sometimes this happens next i stop completly. This did not happen and the bleeding become heavy again. I bled for a futher 7 days consequently stopped. Is this normal surrounded by menopause or should i consult my doctor. I am not on hormone replacement but do take vitamins specially mixed in a menopause tablet, st johns wart and lately black cohash.


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Patricia, during menopause anything can happen. And usually does. In your grip, the light pink blood would indicate it wasn't menopausal blood, but a small rupture of the bin liner that is releasing middle-of-the-road blood. If it has stopped it should be okay. Mention it to your doctor subsequent time you see him or her. If it happens again, you do involve to get to your doctor without delay, so s/he can take a swab and find out exactly what loving of blood it is and where it's coming from.
Hang in in attendance. It does get better but those hot flushes can sure be a bummer! I've discovered that while they are clearly evident to me, most other ancestors don't even notice what's occurring, so I just quit worrying nearly it.

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It is normal, but if it's extremely heavy, if you soak more than one wad in two hours, see your doctor

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