what are the symtoms of fibroids?


I think i hold the wrong size bra?

they will vary from woman to woman, and depending on size & location of fibroid tumour..but:

excessive bleeding (prolonged or too much, clotting) backache & pressure in pelvic region, posterior of legs, bladder and/or bowels, pain during sexual intercourse, an oddly distended lower abdomen i.e. not caused by mass gain/ pregnancy.

hope that helps
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Women help please?


Is it normal to be irritated down at hand several days after the first penetration?

Where are they? I have them in the uterus and the breasts. In the uterus I have symptoms of excessive bleeding during my cycle, and a feeling close to there be a sack of rocks in my lower abdominal nouns . I finally had my uterus removed and the doctor said I have some that were as big as lemons! The fibroid surrounded by the breasts had no symptoms but would other cause the mammograms I have to be given a second look with a ultrasound.

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