Increase/Decrease Sex Drive after Hysterectomy?

I am 31, had uterus and one ovary removed a month ago. No artificial hormones as I still own one ovary. Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks for the great answer to my homework deli ma here's the one more or less Histo. I am now 40 and 3/4 and I have a partial back when I be 32; because of severe suffering with endo. Which I'm sure everybody have now, but suffers different medical conditions contained by regards to. My enthusiasm has be awesome since! My sex drive of course next to the problems I was suffering from have increased triple. In fact I want more than my husband. He wonders where on earth I get adjectives the desire and energy from, and it's from person liberated from that monthly bubble and chain. I close-fisted now I can play and not retribution either near severe pain or with(no more break for pregnancy). Not that I don't love my three children immensely!!, but the time and resources it takes next to children in this miserable world is exhausting in itself(including homework) Ha Ha. Hey once you own healed completely, never rush repossession you will be on your way I believe to really seeking your true zealous, exotic feelings. Love Yah K.

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Abdominal hysterectomy. Complete recovery usually take 4 to 8 weeks. You will gradually be capable of increase your activities. During the first 2 to 3 weeks it is prominent to get plenty of rest. You may later begin to do muted chores and some driving, and you may even be able to return to work if your charge isn't too physically demanding.

Avoid lifting during the first 2 weeks after your hysterectomy. By the sixth week you should be able to give somebody a lift tub baths and resume sexual activities.

Please assistance me with this!?

You should enjoy no change within your sex drive after. As soon as you are healed completely (about another couple of weeks) you will be spinal column to normal. You still own one ovary so you are producing estrogen. Some people read aloud it is better. This may be due to no pressure from unwanted pregnancy if you are married.

Wot do i do after?

i know nothing roughly speaking lowered sex drive after hysteroctomy.

Having problems with vaginal anguish, hurts to have intercourse more than once in a daylight.?

Still u have reduce or increase sex drive .all is ur mental thinking.

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i have my LAVH 5 weeks ago. if anything my sex drive has increased, which is amazing, i didnt deduce it could get any better. of course sex isnt allowed even so, but i know everything still works.. the orgasms are a lot more intense than they be before. (TMI? LOL) what date did you own yours? my hysterectomy was july 25. you could also look around on the forum at . in that is a lot of apt useful information on at hand.

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