My friend has been diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer,affecting her kidneys.whats her chance of recovery?


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Well, the subsequent the stage, usually it takes much, much more for the body to get better. I know. I'm a stage 3 ovarian cancer overcomer. She will probably have to bear aggressive chemo or radiation and possible surgery to correct it the best the doctors know how. I went through 2 surgeries within 3 months and 9 very aggressive chemo treatments of carbo/taxol. If she go through chemo she will probably lose her hair, but that's conventional. I'm not experienced with cervical cancer, but most cancer treatments are similar. I will pray for your friend and hope that adjectives goes in good health with her.

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If cancer gets to your liver or kidneys it's usually not a well brought-up outcome.

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she probly will have to bear aggressive treatment. Wish her the best.

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there a chance but i would speak to Dr roughly this

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Hi so sorry to hear about your friend,my friend also go through all this subdivision from she didnt have cancer on the kidneys.She also have cervical cancer,she needed 8 treatments off chemo lost adjectives hair as she needed a strong chemo,afterwards recently have a full hystorectomy,she recovered from that and all the cancer have gone.She now is have 3 more lots off chemo not strong thou and that should be it.She will be underneath the consultant for 5 yrs now to check everything.The kidneys as you said okay im not to sure,go next to her when she has an appt nxt beside the consultant,its always nice to stir and give your friend support.She will be ok,conceivably tough thou so be there for her.Good Luck for your friend i do be aware of for you and your friend.

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