Ovarian Cysts/Endometriosis?

Can anyone give me the first name of a prescription drug used to treat either/both of the above?My doctor is recommending over the counter drugs which enjoy absolutely no effect. I'm living in Ireland so thats probably why!!

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You can try Lupron (in the U.K., a similar drug call Zoladex is more popular), oral contraceptives, Depo Provera or any number of aromatase inhibitors like Femara to confer short-term relief of your symptoms. However, adjectives come with side effects, some significantly distrustful and long-lasting. That said, your best bet is to obtain surgical intervention, where the Endo and the cysts can be surgically extrapolated. The best method of surgical treatment is excision, but true excision surgeons are hard to come by. Try checking next to the National Endo Society in the United Kingdom for more info, support, etc. related to the disease; they are online at http://www.endo.org.uk/. Best wishes and obedient luck to you.

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cysts are not dangerous and can usually be unseen. At times, they may become inflamed and tender. Others may grow large and interfere next to day-to-day life. In these cases, you can enjoy them surgically removed in a physician's department. Alternatively, small inflamed cysts can be treated by injection of steroid medications

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The treatment of ovarian cysts varies from supervision and monitoring to surgical procedures. Endometriosis treatment varies from over the counter medication to itchy surgery. Hormones are also commonly used. Usually the treatment your doctor gives you is dependent on masses factors, including body shipment, severity of pain, etc. Check out the following:

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i hold poly cystic ovarian syndrome and my doc has me on metformin but its to regulate my blood sugar(dont know why, i am not diabetic). i dont know what to bring to help beside the cysts though. let me know if you find out so that i can obtain rid of mine!

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No-surgeryis the merely treatment for both these conditions.
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