Is there any chance that you can have another child if you have a tubal ligation? What is the way of fixing it


I'm having lot of discharge, close to once a day or three times a week is it common? what should i do?

you can have them try to reverse it. but its not other successful because of scar tissue. i have a friend who had hers reversed and it took her more or less a year and half to carry pregnant because she had mark tissue they had t o step back within and try to remove some of it and she was finally competent to get pregnant. she also said that it be expensive

Irregular Period?

Is the Gardasil vaccine risk-free to get while pregnant?

Wither you would entail a tubal ligation reversal or IVF treatment.
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How do guys feel roughly speaking girls who smoke?

my best friends mother had 2 children after tubal ligation check beside your surgeon

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