menstrual cramps.?

Ladies, what do you do to lessen the pain of your menstrual cramps?

i dont own my period and ya?

Take Tylenol, or a palliative of some sort, if I have midol I usually choose that!
-Have a Hot tub and soak
-Use a hot water bottle and place it on my stomach nouns, it usually always does the trick, okay for a little while at least
-Cuddle near a pillow inbetween my legs, it somehow makes it more comfortable
-Use those roast patches they own out now, they really worked all right for me!
-Believe it or not, I try to get as much excercise as possible, moving around seem to make the cramps alot smaller number painfull then when I freshly lay and dwell in the discomfort!

Good Luck!

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Luckly for me, I don't get cramps!

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Well those days are gone for me , but I do remember how itchy they were! I took over the counter midol or anything you would like. Try something it will hepl.

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Evening Primose oil.
Acupressure points hindmost of legs 5-7 inches above ankle below calf(gastrocnemius) intermittent deep knuckle contact 1/2 inch to 1 inch in (you own to find the exact spot of relief do to your own body) You will know you found the points when at hand is pain and nouns following

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Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment contained by the lower back can support to alleve cramps.

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take 2 Tylenol and 1 Advil. win a water bottle and overrun it with hot dampen and put it on your stomach or where ever the cramps are. If the sea is too hot cover the bottle in a thesis towel. Good Luck and feel better:)

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At tiniest 20-30 minutes of yoga a day, cut down on caffeine, and evening primrose grease is great for cramps and irritability. You can find it in gel-cap form at the health food store. I usually pilfer a couple every 4 hours or so, and they don't have side effects approaching Pamprin and Midol do.

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Maybe you could take some distress meds before your cramps start, around the time when you know you're term is coming, that's just so you can lug the edge stale a little. I know that man on birth control has distinctly helped me beside cramps. I hardly own them at all. Other than that, you could be infirm school, and put a hot dampen bottle against your belly. Take care.

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