whats the longest amount of time you missed your period due to stress?can depression delay your period?


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I missed my period for six months once due to stress and depression. Once I straightened out some things in my existence, it went fund to normal. Try meditate or talking to a friend nearly the problems that are causing your stress and depression. Best wishes!

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Definitley.whenever my dad died I missed my extent for four months, and then when I finally did own one it was immensely light.

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Yes, to both of your question. UP to 3 months one time.

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around xmas time i dont gain it from the beginning of december until roughly the end of january because of adjectives the stress, which is actually kindly of good. I dont know if depression can but im sure if stress can next depression can.

I was wondering?

i dont ahve period cuz I'm a male!! i love individual a man!! isn't it great?! muahaha!! :-D

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Stress and depression can deferral a period and can also sort them more frequent. Check you aren't pregnant.

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my friend has not have a period for 2 months in a minute she is going back to the doctors tommorrow she said it could be down to stress as her gran died so i would budge to the doctors if i wer you to put your mind at rest that is if u hold not already done so

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Both stress and depression can delay a term. I was 6 weeks tardy due to stress, finally had to turn on hormones to re-start it. Are you sure your not pregnant? Call you doctor and get checked out

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depression can really affect periods..

Girls facilitate?!?!?

Not everyone is the textbook case of a term every 28 days. I have have friends that had a time every three months or even only 2 times per year and that be what was regular for them. Let your body be what it is and don't stress out if you aren't just similar to everyone else.

I need some support?

Check out ( http://www.reducingstress.net )
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I imagine you will find help for this situation at hand.

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