HPV is gone, still abnormal cells?

I was told I have HPV in Jan of 2005. High-risk. So I have multiple paps and biopsies. My last one contained by may came stern negative for HPV, but I have abnormal cell still.

I got a repeat biopsy done this month, and its equal thing.

My doctor told me she'd remove it, but I haven't have kids yet- so she would just keep on and I'd have to come wager on every 6 months for another pap.

Does this mean that I could bring cancer since the HPV is gone, but still have phenomenal cells? Or is my body conceivably still trying to heal?

Anybody else own this experience with HPV? Or unexpected cells? What happend next to you?

And if I get the exceptional cells removed, can I still own children?

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I had HPV and have a biopsy, and later a LEEP conization. Basically they thieve this electric wand with a loop of telecommunication on it and go contained by and scrape rotten the outer layer of your cervix to remove the pre-cancerous cell. This isn't nearly as effective as a full cone biopsy (where they remove a colossal, cone-shaped section of your cervix) but it removes intensely little of your cervix and still enables you to pass a baby to residence. I was fearful of this when I became pregnant near my first child, and my ob/gyn said if anything, women who have a LEEP done don't dilate as brisk and have to be induced because of mutilation tissue on the cervix. Depending on how much of your cervix they have to scrape/burn bad, this could cause your cervix to become strong, so you might need a cerclage (a stitch to hold your cervix closed).

As far as affecting your fertility, I'm not sure. My husband and I enjoy been together 4 years (married three of them) and we've have unprotected sex twice during our relationship. Both times I became pregnant, so I'd voice it probably doesn't affect your fertility. :)

Sometimes I worry nearly how iam going to pay for the monthly stuff.?

Those are question you should defiantly ask your doctor going on for.

How long do i have to what to enjoy another baby after a c-section?

I also hold abnormal cell caused by HPV and am contained by a high risk category for cervical cancer. I didn't enjoy this problem until giving birth this past January. I also hold to go surrounded by for paps and copolscapys.

The way my doctor put it and the mode I understand it is that the remarkable cells hold a greater possibility of clearing up than actually turning into cervical cancer. If they do progress into cervical cancer and caught rash through the paps and biopsies there is a 95% opening of success by laser removal.

Your doctor is probably careful about purely removing the cells as it could trademark for a complicated pregnancy in the adjectives, and unless it is found to be cancer is really unnecessary. I don't see why it would make you not sufficiently expert to have kids but seeing as the cervix plays a considerable part within pregnancy, any damage to it could potentially be venomous.

It sucks to have to dawdle it out and see if it clears or progresses, but unless it does progress there's no apology to have to remove the cell. Removal has the potential of doing a greater damage than getting checked regularly.

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