Why Wont My Wife Let Me Have Sex With Her While Shes Breastfeeding?


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Your wife is behaving/reacting normally for a breastfeeding woman. At time of breastfeeding she does not want to be or discern sexually aroused as it interferes with the strong bonding and passionate feelings towards the little one.

If you want her to breastfeed you, then i.e. possible AFTER baby is feed and sleeping in his/her own bed.


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Its her personal choice..respect her decision.

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Maybe because it is disrespectful to your child to have sex contained by her/his presence!

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at adjectives or do you actually penny-pinching while she is breast feeding. Maybe she is humiliated about her body, or conceivably she is afraid she will get milk on you!

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I don't fully understand your interview. Are you wanting to have sex next to her while she is holding your infant and breastfeeding, or is she denying you sex for months and months until she is completely done breastfeeding your child? That changes the answer completely.

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why arn't you asking HER that!

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Might be lacking libido.May be thinking more going on for her child.

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Maybe she gets better achievement from Junior. She is probably sensitive in her nipples and arousal is mortified. She will likely compensate contained by other ways with what you obligation, if you are nice to her and help her beside what she needs.

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During breastfeeding no sex desire.

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Lets see
you spend 9 months beside someone else in charge of your body, varying it and not letting you sleep etc
then you spend the subsequent year at that somebody's food source. Mooooo
Most Moms want a little time to own their bodies to themselves. Having a hubby pressure you into letting him have your body and enter it, make you feel even more resembling your own body is not yours. That sucks.
Romance her and give her some space. Give love and affection lacking sex and she will begin to touch pretty and sexy and like her body is something she can relish, not just tolerate someone else use.

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I don't blame her.. If this is a serious question and you are not kid then I contemplate you should reconsider.. Think of your little one first. How would you like to be intake a meal and someone is doing something below the table that is annoying you. The infant would probably be thinking, what is going on here? I am trying to eat and nearby is this distraction that is making me get the impression uncomfortable. Just remember its not just about you while the baby is intake.. Wait until the appropriate time when the baby is sleeping and not aware.. Let your babe-in-arms be a baby and purloin care of the child and not what you want at the moment. Take care and find middle ground for you and your wife. Thats adjectives

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That's really a question you should ask her. Do you tight-fisted while she's in the accomplishment of breast feeding, or freshly during the time she'd be breastfeeding -- say six months or so? There's probably a hormonal as in good health as an emotional drive. Women don't feel vastly sexy for a while after having a infant. It takes time to alleviate internally, and to get used to have a little party whose care and feed she's responsible for. Give her a break! Maybe she's concerned that she might get pregnant again during the time she's nursing. Most women don't hold their periods during this time, so at hand's no way for her to know when her fertile time would be. And lastly, she could be mildly depressed -- set as postpartum depression. Be patient. This is a especially special time for both of you as new parents. Breast feed won't last forever.

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When she was still breast feed, my wife insisted on wearing her nursing bra when we were intimate (which if you are strange, is like putting an entire pillow between my mitt her breast, so it is very weird to be intimate without caress the areas you are used to -- makes it give the impression of being a lot smaller quantity intimate).

By the time we were intimate (even next to the bra) she was no longer bursting and be by then flaccid, so some of the fun was out of it (i.e., I want to touch her boobs when they be size D's but had to continue until they were size A's :-(

As a husband, you cannot look your wife's boobs within the optimal state and not be turned on. Doesn't mean making a ratify at her at the moment she is feeding, but in recent times because she is nursing doesn't mean the intimacy should conclusion (again I am not talking roughly literally when the baby is present, I am chitchat about the term time).

There is nothing wrong beside her being intimate when lactating and even if a moment or two leaks out. It is totally colloquial. God created intimacy and the joy of sex to provoke monogamy. That is why it is called "Making Love" -- you don't generate love to a hooker or a one-night-stand nor a drunk hook-up. You make love to your wife. God wishes you to make love to your wife, and he desires her to breastfeed (at least surrounded by my opinion).

Try to seduce her through affection without touching places she is self-conscious roughly speaking. And try to make her surface natural and comfortable beside the state of her body and the various fluids leak out.

Eventually, she will be in the mood and be more interested in have those intimate places touched. She also needs her hormones and libido to return to majority. I presume/hope you're giving her a couple of months to recoup from childbirth?

If you start next to pressuring her for sex, you're just going to frustrate both of you.

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Well, if your baby is really 2 days infirm like stated within your other question, I don`t know it's because her bottom hurts from pushing out a baby, she's bleeding similar to a stuck pig, she's sore and exhausted and leaking milk.

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