Why Wont My Gf Let Me Play With Her Breasts While Shes Breastfeeding?


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because it hurst like hell

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Do you want it to squirt on you?

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When a woman is lactating, the sexual element is completely removed from the breasts and they become more of a functional body slice.

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I doubt you are serious, but I'll assume this is a real press. First of all breastfeeding is a time, and emotionally, consuming mission. It is a time of bonding between mother and child and you need to rear legs off and exit her alone.

You aren't an animal-- show some kindness and compassion. I really really hope you aren't such a thoughtless pk to have seriously asked this cross-question.

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Did it ever go down to you that she's busy? And that some things are a heckuvalot more important than you playing around? And how come she's newly your GF. Why isn't she your wife? On second thought, she probably doesn't need to hook up beside someone who sounds as immature as you do.

My period have become irregular of unpunctually. my last extent date was jan 26th and i enjoy got it again yesterday.?

Because when a women is breastfeeding her child, she stops viewing her breasts as a sexual element of her body. They now serve a purpose, and that's to nurture her child. Not, to make you contented.

I've never had a child even so, but I can only consider how uncomfortable a women breasts must become while she she lactating. I don't even want mine touched while I'm on my term because they are swollen and sore. Breastfeeding must be a lot worse.

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Put aside your insensitive behavior and allow the woman to feed her child short your sexual interruption
Perhaps you are jealous of the bond between Mother and child

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Because they are for the BABY!Not you-idiot!!

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the baby wants the milk..
what would you want to do with her brests? let chat. amylovesemails@yahoo.com

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U sprawl,Why u are distrubing baby to thieve milk.U cant make sex later leave and move about to bed.

i am susposed to get married subsequent month but i now focus we should break it off but im anxious?

bc she doesn't want to skirt on you. As a mother and woman I advice you to stop insisting! Once shes comfortable again she will permit you know

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