Women; how would you compare your worst menstrual cramps to a stomach-ache contained by a man

I'd say it's like have someone violently trying to rip out your organs, twisting them around and whatnot with the most important goal of ripping them out.

How about you?

Be creative ^_^

Answers:    ah, better not touch this one! sorry!.
I agree beside you there.
It's like Satan have jabbed his pitchfork right into your gut and he is trying to rip the soul from your body that way.
OMG it hurts resembling h3ll.
Just tell a man that it's like getting kicked within the balls over and over and over again non stop.
They should understand that one lol.
Good Luck beside whatever you need! .
Someone stabbing your beside a knife repeatedly and simueltaneously having someone puch you surrounded by the ribs. Then add the fact that your bloated, tired, and have to pee every ten seconds.

Like having an elephant crush your team leader and then eat your brains... and later vomet them all over you... if they think near nuts hurt from alittle tap then throw a bowling globe at them... i hate when guys say they own felt worse NO THEY EFFIN HAVENT! GOD! I would compare it to a man having someone shove their appendage up his butt and grabbing his penis and pulling it through his butt, then tying it contained by a knot..
shoving a stake up their penis hole and then putting a straw up through it and sucking out adjectives his organs VERY slowly and painfully. and then letting him be eat by lobsters, lol. Ive always figured it feel like there be some freaky little demon in there scrape the inside of my tummy with huge viscious claws >< Id like to see a guy imagine that happening to his berries, cept on the inside :D.
kidney stones. kicked in the nuts. or one punched in the kidney. Take a clamp that they use in construction and tighten it around his ball and tehn when he screaming.. and almost passing out tighten one more time!.
Food poisoning. It's close to opening your stomach and lying on a bed of tacks. While someone is stepping on your pay for.

getting kicked in the nutsack repeatedly hitting their balls next to a sludge hammer repeatedly.
Lol I don't get cramps. it feel like someone dropped an anvil on my stomach then a 300 lb. grown man stood over it dancing... .
how about mortal kicked in the ball$

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