For days gone by 7 days or so I've be experiencing this brand of strain contained by my vaginal nouns. Is it middle-of-the-road ?

I am a 15 year old girl, virgin, and lately ive been having these sort of self-conscious pains in my vaginal area for the past 7 days or so. It started rotten with little pains, then to a burn and after 3 days i bled. It stopped that day, afterwards about 3-4 days later i bled again, but the burning still continued. I'm constantly urinating, but it does not hurt when i do. Im not sexually active, so i dont give attention to im pregnant.

Also pains in my lower stomach and ovaries have occured. Today (the second time i bled after 3 days ) my blood was not a everyday red colour, it was like a pink/orange kind of colour. Is any of this torment normal? Should i concider seeing a doctor ?
I'm scared to consult my mother, so please help me.
None of that is normal. You definitely inevitability to see a gynecologist right away! You could also go to an emergency room (not that it's an emergency, but they take semi-emergencies, too).
Why are you afraid to tell your mom any of this? You're a virgin! There's zilch sexual at all about your problem; it's simply a matter of condition. Your mom cares about your health. Tell her.
progress see a doctor
You have to consult ur mother...especially if you know u had any SEXUAL contact, not necessarily sex, because regrettably you may have an STD.

And some if left untreated can kill you.

Remember sex childhood?? If you know u engaged in any sexual activity later talk to ur mom, because you may need medical attention.

Tootles ~ Source(s): sex ed
OK you might hold a yiest infection cus this sounds just like one.. and this might sound silly but produce sure your panties arnt to tight cus that can cause you to have that infection and make sure your akways verbs down there but sice that sounds like a yiest infection you should go see a doctor .. it could return with worse! Source(s): Hope i helped!?!.. :)
I'm a guy so obviously I don't know much in the region of that stuff. But tell your mom about it, if you aren't pregnant she can't get nutty at you. If anyone is gonna know whats goin on it's your mom and if she doesn't then you should see a doctor :)
Ok - any aching at all is a red flag telling you something's wrong. You should NEVER be afraid to consult your mother. I understand not adjectives mothers are the ideal mothers, so if that's the case for you, I hope there's someone else you can trust in your ancestral that might be able to help. For me, it's always be hard talking/voicing what's wrong, but writing it out can be very helpful, too.
You could massively well have a Urinary Tract Infection & need antibiotics, so PLEASE, even if you enjoy to call yourself for an appointment, SEE YOUR DR.!! Whatever kind of infection it is or you'll get, never mess near them, infections can kill. That's why it's so important to get see immediately & take your full course of antibiotics (stopping a day or two short of the full course could allow the microbes to become immune to the drug - you won't be able to take the drug again).
If you take any Motrin/ibuprofen, run something to eat/ a cup of milk with it as it can irritate your stomach/ cause intestinal bleeding. Always make sure you drink plenty of water/Powerade/Gatorade/juice. If you approaching Cranberry juice, all the better - but make sure it's 100% cranberry liquid, not a cocktail juice. Wear only white cotton underwear (colored underwear can also cause UTI), and stay away from thongs, as they are a leading breeding ground for bacteria. Lastly, health food stores usually carry vitamins that are time proven to relieve prevent things like this - always talk to your dr. They're going to report to you it's not tested or whatever, but alot of the natural remedies have be time proven for centuries - so please do your own research, natural remedies/prescriptions so you can be completely comfortable with whatever you're taking.
I hope you have a feeling better:)
period, you have it.
Could be Bacterial Vaginosis. Believe me that infection is one of the worst out there. It can lead to vaginal bleeding and abnormal colored discharge along with constant burning and itching.

You will have to get a pelvic and vaginal exam within order to be diagnosed. Only anti-fungal medications can clear it up and you have to be prescribed it.

The longer you tolerate this fester the worse it will get. Suck it up and tell your mom. Even if you weren't a virgin she'd want you to let her know. Source(s): Bacterial Vaginosis sufferer
At your age you could be suffering from a urinary tract infection or uti in shorter terms. Women usually at your age group suffer such illness due to the foods they devour. Most of the time from preservatives present in instant food meals. The symptoms of your having distress at the lower stomach indicates this. The next time refrain from eating those unwanted items foods in the market and go slow on drinking too much soda drinks. Drink lots of wet. You need to visit a doctor to have a prescription surrounded by buying those antibiotics needed. Don't delay and tell your mother coz she'll understand Immediately treat the infection to confidence that pain.
What do you think your moms going to do?
Trust me to tell you that your parents trust is more important than anything because through gooey and thin They will ALWAYS be there. I put caps because its the truth. You should enjoy consulted her first Especially because she is a woman! Go ask her or get an answer of here but next time ask her! I ask my dad everything because he has experience and thats what parents are for! They inculcate us and guide us based on their experiences. Dont be scared to ask her because all she is in attendance for is to help you and raise you.
ok. I have a sneaking suspicion that you should see a gynecologist IF YOU CONFIRM that it isn't your period. But since it's ur first, u duno how weird ur bleeding can be. I bled for 2 weeks straight my first time. horrible, horrible time in my go. urinating a lot is normal when u r on or about to start a spell. I say give it 5 months. if it's the same, budge see a gynecologist. you might have uterine fibroids (it's not cancer or anything- don't be afraid) they make u pee a lot and produce u bleed like a bloody tomatoe. if ur stomach is unusually bulging out (looking pregnant when ur not) then see a dr. goodluck. don't panic. it's average.
Tell your mother because she would no doubt be concerned. But definitely want medical advice.
WOW honey none of what you wrote sounds like a middle-of-the-road issue. I can understand being a little flushed about telling your mom, but I really advise that you do and soon. blood that comes from your vagina should surrounded by no way be any other color then red, pink or brown. and because you are not sexually moving it could be a number of things that no one here could possibly tell you. Best piece to do is take a breath and tell mom, if anyone can help you sweetheart its her.

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