The depo shot...interval press?

iv been on depo for about 8 months. it has be great. I never had spotting or any sort of a period at all. in a minute this mornign i woke up and im bleeding. why is this? should i go to the dr? it isnt anymore than a period would be.
I was on depo for 3 years, where on earth having no period at all for a while be great sometimes I had what they call "breakthrough bleeding" which is perfectly typical with the shot. You may bleed for a couple of days or it may taper off and you could just spot a whle. Also suggest about how long ago you had your recent shot, especially since it contains hormones.
i was once on the depot for a year. I finaladjectivescame off and wanted to seize pregnant. Well it has been 6 years and still can't get pregnant. I go to the doctor (another one) and the doctor said that he wouldn't put anyone on it that wanted children because it could make you infertile for a long long time. I would never get on it again. Thank God I have a baby before I went on it.

With the spotting etc... Its commonplace you will have months without one and then boom out of the blue you will hold one. Go to the doc just to make sure everything is okay because you never know it may very from human being to person but I think your okay. Take Care and God Bless

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