Is it okay that I adjust my tampon after 7 hours?

The packaging on Playtex Sport says no more than 8 hours and I only use 1 tampon a time and pads for sleeping and in the morning. Is this okay or do I need to loose change it more often even though I don't wear it during the rest of the day? I use regular by the way.
If your flow is cloying enough - change it whenever you go to the bathroom - every 3-5 hours.If your flow is insubstantial - it is OK to go longer. It is OK to sleep in a tampon (much cleaner and more comfortable) -just change within the morning.
girls 13-21 surrounded by Teen-Life class polled 134 =60% change three times in a school afternoon during heavy flowdays but only twice in slighter days. Many of them finger check to determine if a change is needed.
10% were pad singular and changed 4-5 times in 8 hours.
18.% used today sponge or cup and were unsure of the times cycled it was only just habit to do it often.
3 have not gotten regular period yet.
All suggested a lite lubericant during long dasy of sitting to mae sure Dry chaffing was not a painfull problem.
If you don't need it why hold it in there? If you don't really inevitability to use it and want to be protected just use a pantiliner. But to answer your qiestion yes you should change it at least every 7-8 hours.
NO, you must change it every 2-3.5 hours just like a wipe.

The longer you keep it in the longer it sits and could stir up an infection or worse TSS (toxic shock syndrom)……
7 hours is okay. (:

if it's uncomfortable too lug out it might not be "full" enough.
you can transform it after 7 hours. you'll be fine. :)
i've used it 9 hours by accadent.. nothing happenedd.
i just wouldn't recommend doing it. haha.
Yes...step ahead. If it's not going to leak then it's fine. I know many empire are here say to take it out after 3 hours or something, but that's crazy. I say your fine doing that.
It's riskier but go ahead. I doubt it will cause you trouble, slim luck.

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