How do you engineer your breasts larger?

im 13, 34A, too young for surgery. massage them? how do i massage them? should i use a push up bra? where on earth do i find those? aren't my breasts a little too small for push up bras? do i stuff them? stuff them with what? help me?
At 13 you should not be concerned with the size of your breasts.
You can get a push-up bra - my personal favorite is from Victoria's Secret (expensive at $45 but very well worth it)
Well I remember when I be 13 and wanted big boobs. Trust me none of that works. But now I’m only 15 and am a 34 DD, sure guys distribute me more attention then other girls in my class, but after a while it starts to get hoary and you get tired of immature horny guys trying to look down your shirt or even throw things down your shirt! just so they can see you get it out of your shirt. And honestly sometimes my back really hurts. And all my friends are green but sometimes I wish my boobs were smaller. And on top of adjectives that a DD almost doesn't fit! If a guy only likes you for your boobs he’s not the guy for you! Don’t dwell on it you’ll grow sometime and there might be abundantly of guys that fined women with big boobs attractive but most guys really DON'T care. So wear the bra that fits you and don't tryin' stuff your bra that never turns out good for that girl. There be a girl in my class that did that she bent over and some guy saw the tissue and she never lived it down. Just show that your confident and proud of what you have. Be yourself and people (guys) capably honestly like you for you. Worked for Me! now my friends are jealous of my boobs and my boyfriend, haha! Source(s): I give an other girl the same advice a couple of days ago. (on It helped her hope this help you!
If your breasts are drastically sensitive, massage them by squeezing them gently then rubbing them within circles. If that doesn't seem to work, then have your boyfriend/ girlfriend try it.

If that doesn't tender immediate results, keep it up. After ten years or so you may suddenly realize that you've forgotten that it ever worried you.

It won't actually manufacture them grow, but you'll discover that they're very nice in their own way.
Your breasts will grow a lot. If not...when you're 18 I suggest breast augmentation. I personally invested surrounded by one and everyday I think about how great of a decision it if truth be told was.
no, thats not small for push up bra's or padded bra's try in victoria secret they have tons of lingerie for small busted girLs but i bought mine in target! i`m 14 too never use a padded bra size 32AA
Just be happy with what god gave you!

Don't verbs, they'll grow ;)
Well, if you're 13 years old after what I would recommend is a good psychiatrist! You are worried about the wrong thing!
the merely way i can help is to say tranquil down!
your 13, they will grow soon enough. enjoy your younger years while you can!
Why are you obsessing about your breasts at the age of 13? Breasts are there to nurse a babe, have a baby anytime soon? I doubt it.
There is nothing you can guzzle, drink, massage into them to make them grow larger or faster.
You are going through puberty. Your genetic code is going to determine the size and rate of growth of your breasts, toes, hands, foot etc.........Nothing you can do to change that.
Buy demi cup bras and buy some gel inserts, that will present a larger fuller breast
hmm buy hops they facilitate growth but wait abit ur only 13!! we dont stop growing till were 020!! Source(s): me continue a bit

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