Can dieting effect a woman's time of year?

I've been dieting for two months. I have counted calories and haven't ate any fast food or vast fried food since I started my diet. I have also been eating abundantly more veggies. I have dropped 40lbs. Well my period is like 4 days hasty. Also it started yesterday and it was pretty heavy then today it dropped down to just anything. Is it my dieting or is it something serious?
FYI I'm not starving myself and I'm not taking any kind of dieting pills.
Yes it can.
Your going to start bleeding out chicken strips.
Yes it can. Maybe you push urself too much. Or maybe you do too many activities that make you tired. It all able to make body system didnt work okay.
Yes I too have only just dropped a lot of weight and my period is different very soon.

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