Constant White Discharge?

Im 20 and have never had this until the past week.
Ive have a yeast infection in the past, and my symptoms dont seem impossible to tell apart as when ive had a yeast infection, so im not sure if it is yeast or not.

but i feel like im constantly raining sometimes when i put a finger down to check its a milky fluid. its not like cottage cheese and theres no smell and no itchiness.

ive read some girls discharge a lot near ovulation, but i dont know if this is that, raison d`¨ētre its not a clear liquid. its the same consistancy as normal wetness, but im constantly leak it and its opaque
Everyone discharges. The reality that it's taken this long for you to notice is a surprise, but it get's wiped away when you go to the bathroom.

Your body discharges as a fluent cleaning system to the vagina keeping it fresh and odor free.
okay to be honest, I have the same symptoms. I'm 19 and it have been happening to me for a long time. I went to the gyno yesterday and she didnt read out anything about it.

Wish i could help more but im just as curious/clueless as you are!
It's your body's wayof cleaning out your vagina. The vagina is a self cleaning organ so that's just the bad things . I purely wear a pantyliner when it happens. Don't wanna ruin your panties!
constant white discharge also known as "milky" or "raw egg white" cervical mucus is a common ovulation is extraordinarily normal...if it does not stink or appear to be green than it you should be perfectly safe...

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