Is this usual . . .?

Is it normal to poop alot while you are on your period ?
I poop alot more than usual while im on my period. . i surmise its a bit weird.
categorically. during the period your body tends to just cleanse itself more. it's not a impossible thing just messy
This happen to a lot of women. The prostaglandins (substances that cause the muscle contractions that push out the menstrual blood) can cause intestinal spasms. This can motivation bloating, flatulence, and an increased number of bowel movements.
Everyone is different, but both my daughter and I have diarhea the day until that time our period comes.

I think our tummies are really busy contracting the muscles to carry everything going and it gets EVERYTHING GOING.

It's not weird, it's just one of those personal symptoms.
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Yeah, everyone's different.
i guess.

please answer my question i need your help;…
it ie normal i guess

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