Whats up beside sex (experianced only)?

people say they have exciting hot sex how can it be differant what u shove it surrounded by harder every time or what?
sometimes it just maters on the ocasion or mood pluse if your more horney than normal it just feel better
because those relations might be in love
or they have alot of foreplay
or they pay attention to every segment of they body
Good sex is like good food: there is abundantly more going on than simply "shoving it in".

As human beings, we like food. We enjoy eating food, and we approaching to eat food socially. When we go without consumption food, we crave it long before the physical reality of hunger makes us insipid. When we eat food, we experience tastes, textures and smells. Our morsel buds are wired directly into our brain to react to different food stuffs in different ways. Some food chemicals (sugar, starch, caffeine, alcohol, msg, for example) enter our bloodstreams as soon as food enters the mouth (through the roof of the mouth, below the tongue) affecting our blood chemistry immediately and influencing our mood.

This is obviously a complicated and rich relationship a person can enjoy with the food that they eat every day. It is a subtle tango, and when managed responsibly a source of great satisfaction.

Our relationship with sex is especially similar. While one cannot actually perish from lack of sex, sexually active general public crave sex and feel satisfaction from participating in sex basically the same. We prefer to participate in sex next to a partner when we can, as it is a deeply emotional and intimate experience, and one of the most powerful expressions of romance and love.

When done right, sex is a beautiful and complex ritual involving adjectives five senses and completely engrossing the imagination of all involved. The best sexual experiences (or as you put it, "exciting hot sex") are capable of stimulating every square inch of the human body and every corner of your mind to the greatest heights of pleasure we are skilled of experiencing.

This is achieved by understanding yourself and your partner, and knowing what activities bring respectively of you the most pleasure, just like cooking a good dinnertime is a matter of knowing the tastes of your patrons. Intercourse, the most discussed aspect of sexuality, is analogous to the "main course" of a righteous meal. While very important and padding, it is far from the only thing on the menu.

Sexuality also allows partners to dispense and take. You might do something that excites your partner, not because doing that thing is meaningful for you by itself, but because you are set aflame by your partner's reaction. Most couples also compete gently with one another, such as bantering or playing erotic games.

That, within a nutshell, is "what is up" with sex. It is the most fun as a ritual when it is built up between partners one small, scintillating step at a time.

If your experience near sex has been nothing but unadorned intercourse, afterwards I can see why you might be disillusioned. That would be much like having nothing to devour but dry roast beef day after day. o.O

One might ask: "whats up with food. how can it be differant, what you newly shovel more into your mouth with each bite?"

The short answer is no, instead you should try some variety. ^_^ Source(s): Loads and loads of "experiance"

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