Braces colors?//?

Does getting coloured braces make you look nerdy?
NOOOOOOO! i dont have braces but a lot of my friends do and I reason they look cool! :D
no not at all, in fact a few of my mate had them and they suit well. one of them had blue which be nice but not too bright and another had pink which looked good too. and no they didn't look nerdy at all. i don't thinkyou should carry plain ones but defo go for a good colour. Source(s): me
NOOOO! They make them look wayyy cooler! ahhaah! Tryy pinkk or neon colors!!:]
Nah, i have coloured braces and it was fine, But don't get black! It stands out the most, and dont get pale either, cause it would look like you dont brush your teeth.
Nope, they make them look better.

i would just get a clear braces you will regret getting pink or green or something they look pretty stupid and you enjoy to live with them for a while.
When I had braces I opt for Plain colour as I always think that coloured ones make some family look like they have food stuck in their teeth. But Thats personal Choice, I dont chew over they are 'nerdy', its up to you, go with wat u like! =)
i think colors look better than the silver ones
but don't draw from white or black
i tried them cause there my school colors they don't look pious at all
not at adjectives ! i always tried to get really cool braces while i had braces. you own braces so why not make them look perdy ;)
although if you get white or clear it makes it look resembling you dont even have braces !

Don't get black ones though, from a distance it looks like your teeth are black ;)
Have your fav Colour? if u think they look good,
consequently they do

=] Source(s): meee
No. have them grey makes you look nerdy.

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