Im 14 and hold to run to the OBGYN for the first time... question?

I am 14, and i have to go to the gynecologist at Plan Parenthood for the first time & Getting birth control. I am really nervous, and i am sure you can see why! so i enjoy a couple of questions...

- What are some of the questions they will ask me so I can be prepared?

- Should I be shaved down there? (Just wondering)

-How long will the adjectives process take?

-Will birth control make me get margarine?

- Will Birth Control make me sick?

Thank you to anyone... Please just answer as best as you can..! :( Im scared!
YOU DO NOT NEED BIRTH CONTROL. YOU ARE A CHILD. Your are not mentaladjectivesmature enough to have sex.
Nothing to be nervous just about. Some questions they may ask you are: When was the last afternoon of your last period? What are your periods close to?Do you bleed heavy? Do have a lot of cramping beside your periods? They may ask you if you are sexually active as well.

The process for the first time may help yourself to 30 minutes.

Birth control will not make you gain weight. Some high hormone birth control can build you feel nauseous, if it does just give the name and tell them.

They see people everyday who shave, don't shave, wax, trim. They have see it all. They look at it everyday. Yours won't be any different than anyone else's.

Basically they make you lay on a table and spread your legs and they check and make sure your ovaries and bladder and everything is ok. Its not fun but its not a doomed to failure experience either.
Specific question first.

What are some of the questions they will ask me so I can be prepared?
They'll take a general robustness history and ask if you are sexually active, and if so, what you are doing to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

- Should I be shaved down there? (Just wondering)
No earthly basis to shave. They see every variety of shaved and unshaved females.

-How long will the whole process take?
My doctor see three patients an hour, so maybe 20 minutes.

-Will birth control make me get stout?
Some of us gain a little. Watch portion sizes and you should be fine.

- Will Birth Control make me sick?
Nope. In fact, if cramps are a problem, they should amend.

Now the overview.

The nurse will take your height and weight and blood pressure. Many do a one-drop blood audition to be sure you have enough iron, since menstruating depletes it. She’ll tell you to remove everything and put on a hospital-type gown and to cover your legs next to a sheet until the doctor arrives. Grab a magazine from the rack, or your book. Sometimes there’s a wait.

Your doctor may feel your abdomen (checking the shape and size of your uterus) and/or breasts (for any lumps). You’ll hold a gown and a sheet and your modesty will be respected. At no time will you be lying there naked.

You will rest your heels in "stirrups" (named after the saddle part) voluntarily, scoot down so your knees are bent and your butt is in close proximity the edge of the examination table, and allow your knees to fall unfold naturally.

The sheet will be across your knees, tent-like, and your gown covers the rest of you. Nobody but the doctor will be seeing that part of you. It's the doctor's job, not some sexual article, and he or she will have a professional demeanor. Many doctors carry on conversation about other things, helping move the shy patient’s attention away from the ongoing exam.

The doctor does a very brief visual inspection.You may feel temperature from the light. Using a water-soluble lubricant, the doctor will insert a gloved finger in the vagina, without force. If you are a virgin, they will not break your hymen. If you are distraught, try mouth-breathing to help you relax the muscles. The finger will press toward the abdomen gently, sensation your internal organs from the other side. Next the doctor will remove his or her finger to insert a plastic or metal speculum, which holds the vagina slightly open, examining the vagina and cervix (the opening of the uterus) visually. A slender instrument scrapes a few cell from the outside of your cervix for inspection in a lab. Some people cramp slightly from this, and a few may spot a small amount of blood (far less than a period). That’s it.

Nothing enter the uterus. Nothing is scraped or sampled from the vaginal walls. There’s no testing for STDs, yeast infection, etc. unless the doctor’s findings or your patient history suggest they’re needed.

You’ll dress alone. There are other tissues to wipe away any lubricant. You can wear a mini-pad and get out faster. When you’re dressed, you can leave, stopping at the desk to pay or to agenda your next appointment.

Women get this done annually as part of proper strength care. Various medical conditions do not respect whether you are a virgin or not, so this is necessary even before you are sexually alive. Once you’ve reached puberty, an annual exam is important.
okay you don't HAVE to get an exam when you get birth control. You can go freshly for the consult, get the pills, and thats it. If you want the exam then it will take longer. Birth control affects everyone differently so it's thorny to say if it will make you fat or sick. You don't own to shave down there for the exam, the doctor is used to seeing it all. They will ask you if your are in a monogamous relationship and if you enjoy had unprotected sex before.
Take this list of question to the dr about side effects while taking the Pill. You do not need to shave. I have never be to Planned Parenthood before so I cannot help you with question you will be asked.

Oh, and are you SURE you want to be engaging in sex at such a young age?
I'm simply going to's so awkward. Esp your first time. Don't worry about what it looks resembling down there, I'm sure they've seen it all. People counter differently to birth control, I opted not to take it though, so I'm not sure. I honestly brought my mom and best friend at the time to my first appointment haha, but it made me put humor into the situation and if they weren't there I might enjoy cried I was so nervous.
Wow! married at 14.
They'll ask if you're sexually active.
You don't own to shave..
The whole process didn't take very long for me. Maybe partly an hour.
I'm on the the pill and am not fat. (not for sexual reasons)
I never got sick.

i went through adjectives this when I first went to the Gyno. So..

You don't have to shave. Its a doctor or a midwife that will be looking down there. We're supposed to hold SOME hair down there. No worries.

The process doesn't take that long, if you're getting a pap smear, it take about 20 minutes. Doesn't hurt THAT bad, its really fast when you're doctor is lenient.

I have been on birth control for over 2 years and I havent gained an ounce.

Birth control doesn't gross me sick, but it makes me a little nauseous sometimes. Ask your doctor around what times are best to take them. They usually tell you just to run them before bedtime.

Hope this helps :-)
- they ask you if you enjoy a sexual partner, have sex, unprotected sex?
-they don't care if you have quill or not they see it all.
-the whole thing should lift like an hour.
-birth control can make you fat and you may have a feeling nauseous at first.
first they will ask you if you are sexually active. You can talk to them contained by private without your parents if you prefer.

They may ask you if you have been have any problems.

You do not have to shave down there. : )
The process should not take more than 30 minutes.
You could enjoy side effects from the pills they put you on including gaining weight but that is few and far between.

If you should have any side effects just let the doctor know and they will metamorphose you to a different birth control pill. It may take a couple to tries on the pill to find the right one for you.

I am glad to hear that you are be cautious and seeing a doctor. Make sure to ask all question you may have.

Good luck and don't worry.

SP Source(s): experience many years.
I'll go point by point

-They'll probably ask you if you're sexually active, how masses partners you've had, if you've used protection with bygone partners, and if you have any questions for them.

-This is up to you, the OB/GYN is a doctor and a professional, they couldn't prudence less and won't be offended. The main piece He or she will be looking at is your Cervix, which is a few inches inside of you, so hair doesn't matter.

-Birth control does one thing; it give you the pregnancy hormone to trick your body into thinking that you're pregnant. The consensus is that you can't get pregnant if you already are, therefore any sperm that may be present takes no affect.

-I doubt it would cause you sick. I know I said that your body will think you're pregnant, but that doesn't mean that you'll get morning sickness. This is cause by the physical changes that your body goes through, and birth control only passively works the physical, and in principal works the mental.

There's nothing to be scared of. Just sit back, count the ceiling tiles, and you'll be done within no time.

PS: I happen to be male, I just know a unbiased amount about medicine, and have friends who are doctors.
Are you sexually active?

They are not down within to see if you shave they are trying to give you medicl advice. They dont care!

YES you obligation to exercise and it will depend on what they give you as well.

It depends on how your body reacts to it it can.

Just relax you will experience this for the rest of your time. Every woman does this so just do it and don` think about it. Ask doesn`t matter what questions you have don`t be shy this is you life and this is what they do for a living.

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