How can i draw from my time of year?

hi all my friends have there period and tease me because i dont have mine. i dont want people to transmit me "you dont want it" or any thing like that, i want to know if there are and stratergies or any point that may help me to get my period please im desprite?!
what kind of friends are they?

just because you dont hold your periods =='

i reckon periods are wayy annoying!

you cant force it

it'll come any time :)
You can't "make" your body have its period. It comes by itself. Your brain chooses the correct time and when it thinks you are arranged. They really shouldn't be teasing you. You should be teasing them. Because having your term is horrible. You have cramps. You have to change your wad all the time. You have to take lots a showers. If you don't use tampons you can swim. Some panties bring dirty. You just wanna lay down in your pjs and stay there until your time is over. So be glad that your not on your period yet. Their opinion and words don't issue even if they are your friends. Just wait til the time comes. Source(s): me and experience
It'll come when your body is ready. Stress & pushing it will only make it not come. Just relax, your time will come.
it cant just come when you want it to it will come soon if you feel the symptoms like swelling to the tommy or a bit bit of thrush or an infection any of them just say to them that you have what are they going to articulate 'lets see then'because that will just be gross
Your period will come in it's own time, i don't know what adjectives your friends are bragging about, life is so much easier without it! But i recognize that you might feel a bit more grown up if you have it. There are no strategies, it's just a waiting team game. Some girls come on at 9, some at 19. There is no way to tell. Don't let it seize to you. :)
Don't worry - you're outstandingly lucky cause periods are so annoying. You will get it some time, whether it's when you're 8 or 18 it will come. Don't verbs!
Okay I know you said specifically that you don't want empire to tell you you don't want it, but you don't want it. I felt the same bearing because I didn't get my period until I was 14 and I considered necessary to get it, kind of to get it over near. But trust me, enjoy not having it while you don't have it. It's big-hearted of a pain in the butt when you get it.
But! To answer your examine, there is nothing to do to get your extent. Sorry \:
I've feel that way many times.
I'm 12 my friends have there's but I realadjectivesdon't think
there is a way to unless I'm stupid.

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