Why am i so tired and not alert surrounded by the slightest?

Everyday when i wake up i have a berocca tablet and a coffee. but still my alert levels are so low, im doing driving programme and just cant concentrate for toffee! its worrying and upsetting me. i wonder if its because of my age and wonder if other 19 year olds get it, maybe as piece of growing up. but i dont know! im getting plenty of sleep and eating healthily so im confused.

So if you munch through healthily why don't you drink water and eat some breakfast. Take another look at your diet - I suspect it is not as healthy as you conjure.
try taking multi-vit tablets as these might help, also do some kind of bran training games resembling you find on the ds at night and when you get up as this will prepare you for the day.
other symptoms might be that your worrying roughly something else, credit card bills, your driving test, anything subconsciously can affect the way you think.
I like what is said here in answer but you may receive pretty fast relief by using just Mega B vitamins instead. It's the b's at 1000mg tablets once on a daily basis that provide the energy levels and we do not retain them from day to year.Possibly your gut is not absorbing that area of vitamins from your food. Leafy greens are the biggies of top health. Root veges are way to dignified in sugars but do contain good fibre. Meat is motionless for weeks before you get it on the plate and is in certainty almost rotten so eat no more in a meal than roughly the size of the palm of your hand.
Women are often very iron not up to standard at your age and a simple blood test would soon find it.
You are at the peek of your learning and growing so do not expect too much of yourself. It's tough for the body to produce all types of cells at the same time.
Have a great go. Source(s): 35 years alternative health
I am 16 years old and I get the same premonition of tiredness even in the morning after a good sleep. It is really infuriating, I was slightly underweight so I gain half a stone, I changed the pillows and checked the humidity of my room for better sleep (also because I woke up with headaches) and then go to the doctor.

I had already visited the duty doctor after I had have 1minute - 4 minute absences (where I lost track of time and 'zoned out') this really started to worry me as I wasn't competent to concentrate properly on my school work. My grades didn't get lower (in my GCSE mocks I got 9A* and 1A) but it be just much harder to concentrate and I had to put effort into purely concentrating.

Getting back to the point - the doctor checked to see whether I was anaemic (iron levels), checked thyroid levels and blood sugar level. She had already ruled out absence epilepsy as the absences which come about with that form of epilepsy where shorter and more frequent.

All of the tests come back fine, but she then diagnosed me with MS, multiple sclerosis.

I suggest you see a doctor, it may only just be severe fatigue (possibly a symptom of anaemia, over active or underactive thyroid levels or a range of problems). You may merely be under pressure and stress levels may be high - thats a possibility. But i expect its best to know so that you can be treated and feel better.

Although vitamin supplements, berocca tablets and coffee will solve the symptoms. I think it would be best to find out why you are getting these symptoms -as you said you seem to be looking after yourself so no this isn't average.

Best of Luck x Source(s): Personal Experience

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