My spell last two that common?

My period lasted two days. Before that I had spotting of antiquated blood for about a week. I'm on birth control and haven't had this happen in the past. My periods usually last four to five days. Could there be a problem next to my birth control? Any ideas?
no, that sounds normal, both my sister and i (on different pills) have found our period getting shorter and shorter lol. mine used to be five days, but now, a year after starting monofeme, they are more like three days max and a lot lighter. i also seize "old blood" type spotting if i skip the sugar pills and go straight to the next tab (part of the intention i don't bother). i think most women get used to how their cycle goes and consequently take the Pill and it changes everything and freaks them out! you sound totaladjectivesfine to me.

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