Besides breakage of hymen within non-virgin what is the difference contained by vagina hole between virgin and non virgin?

I've a girlfriend who loves me so so so much. And I love her too. But she has had lots of sex in former times with other guys. Whereas I only had sexfour times next to one girl before I met her. When I first had sex with my present girlfriend, I feel her tight, didnt' feel any difference from the one whom I had sex before. That girl simply had two sex before we met. So I'm confused whether hymen is only item and there is no differnece in hole getting loose or anything like that. However we own been together for almost two years and now I feel bit loose sometimes. Maybe that's because of her wetness. She get quite wet. How to feel tighter when have sex? These are my questions. Please enlighten me!! Thnaks people.
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LOL (a) "Vagina Hole".

There should be nothing different about her VAGINA HOLE of late bc she has had sex with multiple partner. The only thing Id be worried about is her have an STD and getting pregnant if she isnt on some reliable form of Birth control.

Please... use Birth Control for the sake of human kind.
There's no difference. Having sex doesn't engineer a girl loose.

She probably feels loose to you because she's really comfortable with you, very much relaxed and requirements you a lot.
But if you want her to feel tighter, ask her to tense up her vaginal muscles. It's call Kegeling and it's a very good exercise for better sex and avoiding urine loss later surrounded by life.

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