Can you swim next to a UTI?

I got a UTI last night, and I go to the clinic today and started the antibiotics tonight. Is it safe to swim tomorrow afternoon (after 2 doses out of the total 14 antibiotics) with my friend at the local pool?
No, sorry but it's not out of danger because of the chlorine that's in the water. Source(s): Me
L the Utah Technical Institute should be just fine! lol

no you probably should not do that Source(s): My mindddd
Uhm, there's no reason you can't move about swimming. The chlorine in the water MIGHT irritate your urethra further, but it will not worsen your infection. You should have be given pills that numb your urethra so it stops hurting when you pee. If so, take them as directed and you should be fine. I don't know why anyone here is saying it's unsafe. It's not.
I don't think it is.

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