Don't you get the impression so grown up on your time? (lol)?

well I'm going to an orientation for my highschool and my period started lol. so very soon I'm gonna be so uncomfortable near boys. girls, do you get that path too?
Just make sure you clean yourself tremendously well and wear a fresh pad or tampon...they won't know. Besides..they know that periods are inbred for girls, so they shouldn't act immature about it.
A little when it first happen. When it first happened it was all I could chew over about. Now I don't think much about it. And very soon I hate it. Cramps aren't fun.
Nah. I usually forget I'm on my period, so i just don't think roughly it much. When I FIRST started.....I wasn't really uncomfortable.....I kinda felt proud in a passageway. HAHAHAHA, yeah I'm a dork. But I wanted to tell my guy friends....but i know it would scare them, so I didn't. Hahaha.
No I be aware of gross when I am on it..

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