When do they dance away!?!?!?! girls solely?

I have pink stretch marks around my upper thigh and rear. i hear they r perfectly normal so im not worried. but when do they go away? i HATE wearing batheing suits or shorts in a minute just cause i feel shy going on for it! plus im just wondering.
stretch marks don't go away, you can use Palmer's cocoa butter on your stretch grades and that will help them to fade.....worked for me when i was pregnant!
stretch marks aren't going to go away...I got them too..they are a mutilation so to speak, but they do lighten to a white flesh color over time...and then they're not so noticable! :) good luck...they'll "run away" mine did Source(s): experience with them
They are extremely hard to get rid of.
Don't verbs, a lot of people have them.
It is purely from growing.
They don't go away, but they will fade.
as far as counsel goes, I'd try using a professional cover-up to cover them.

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