Would it be chance to kiss my little bro on the chops instead of the cheek?

He's eight.

Idk because he was going to and I was kinda like..

But he be like "Why?"

Idk would that be weird? Him and my mom do that.. idk though..

I'm just not comfortable next to kissing family members on the lips! Is that outlandish?
LOL. you don't have to if u don't want to. it's ok. i don't tkiss my sister on the lips?
im guessing that it be kinda of weird, but if you kissesd him like you would kiss your bf , then that is to say uber weird and gross, but if you kissed him in a family approach then im guessing it could be o.k, but still weird
I always thought family kissing on the lips be weird. Maybe I'm just weird, but that's my judgment.
If you don't want to, then don't. I kiss my brother on the check. I wouldn't feel it was weird unless it lasted more than a second or you made out near him. But a slight peck seems fine to me.
As long as your not kissing him in a sexual bearing then it's not weird. My little brothers about indistinguishable age and he kisses me on the lips sometimes...mind you now he's gotten into the "girls have cooties thing" so that doesn't come about very often anymore ;D
I guess it depends how close you two are. Kissing him on the oral cavity might be a little awkward. I would stick to the cheek.
Angelina Jolie kissed her brother on the lips. Does that make her weird? Source(s): http://www.newsbog.com/pics/joliekissing…
If it's a chaste kiss, no prob. Full on snogging is not so appropriate.
It's not weird but if it makes you humiliated don't do it.

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