What birth control works correct and is cheap?

I do not have any ins. yet I will be getting it soon I hope. I go to the vigour department friday and they said it would be free. Do that mean my birth control will be free also?
um.. dont hold sex. oh condoms work pretty well too.
adjectives birth control is free in the uk but if u livesomewheree else idk
i recently started to have the injection and this will finishing for 3 months
the best one is sterilisation but please don't do its a operation and is permanent
the 2nd best is the implant / the IUD
the implant last for 3 years and can be taken out any time
but that goes into your arm and can be painful as i know from my friends
IUD normally recommended when you hold a kid but lasts for 3-10 years depending the type
3rd best is the pill/ the injection
the injection which i have depending on what type lasts for 2 or 3 months and period may stop (: which is why i had XD
and the pill is wear you have to take every hours of daylight but reduces bleeding in periods
4th is the manly condom (which is quite bad )
its 98 effective if used right which and is one of the lowest successful which is kinda worrying
but the protects from STI's so when you have a new partner always own a condom on
5th is natural family planning
this tells you when your infertile and fertile
but this is unprocessed method nothing else apart from a monitor telling you when its ok and when its not
6th place is the female condom
this is a complicated one as the guy has to see if the penis is gone in the condom not around do not do if you don't trust or drunk
and in ending place with the highest amount of women getting pregnant
the diaphragm / cap beside spermicide
this stops the sperm meeting an egg
may sound good but its a large risk of getting pregnant as if there was 100 woman use it correctly 4-8 may get pregnant this i read out this is not recommended
they are the top 10 in my world but they are also the facts
pick a good one and one that will be paid you happy
oh yer the ones that are cool i guss are
and implant but this is my choice XD

oh and also they may weigh you to see if your ok to have for the type you want
they may also want to know if you have sex resently but if u have they will ask you to wait till your on your period Source(s): this guide the doctor gived me around contraception
Many planned parenthood clinics have any free or cheaper birth control, and often have someone there to speak to certain nights of the week. Look up clinics in your nouns. Hormonal birth controls have an accuracy rate of over 99%, but this depends on several factors including body mass, background, and reliability. If you are going to have difficulty remembering to take the pill at alike time every day, you may want to try the patch. The shot or an IUD are also alternative methods but usually saved for cases when other methods aren't appropriate. Do you smoke? If so, you may be at a higher risk for side effects close to blood clots. Talk to the health care provider at the clinic and determine what type is best for you. Answer the questions the ask you accurately and honestly, even if they seem to be personal. Legally they cannot tell anyone, and lying about your sexual history or intentions can cause problems surrounded by the future. Read up on the different birth controls available BEFORE you go to the clinic. And, even if you think it will be free, travel with around $30 in your pocket, just contained by case...
Also remember that just because you're taking the birth control pill, it doesn't mean you are protected against STIs. Discuss this next to your partner, discuss your sexual histories, and discuss what you're to do in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. If you can't have this conversation with your partner, you are not ripened enough to be having sex with them.

Good Luck Source(s): University studies, School of Health Sciences, Bio-Medical, Nursing-RN Major
The only place I found on the internet for cheap birth control is: www.MyCycleDirect.com. The MyCycle company is the #1 Birth control pharmacy. They even will send you a free sample. Check them out.
You can get condoms for free at the doctors office or at planned parent hood, and birth control is about 7$ a pack at planned parent hood, but they might bestow it to you for free if you ask.

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