Kinda worried, minister to please!?

So I am 15.
I never has sex and am planning to save myself for marriage. :)
So I am kinda worried and perchance being stupid.
I think I have approaching pregnancy symptoms, but am 100% not pregnant cause I never did anything intimate with anyone. So, I have be peeing a lot for some reason, and my stomach seems for a moment bit more bloated then usual. I know I'm not pregnant so could there be another reason? My time of year is due in about less consequently a week.
well, you can't be pregnant if you've never had sex. that's a medical fact.
it's possible it could lately be from your period.
go to your doctor and get tested for the frequent urination, it could signal that you might hold another problem or you could be diabetic.
the bloating is definitely from your period. take a midol and you'll be fine near that.
It could be pms symptoms or maybe a urinary tract infection. Does it hurt when you use the bathroom? If I get a urinary tract infection, I go profoundly and I stay bloated and hurt.

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