Pap question paper cross-examine, more details? Confused on the most adjectives question doctors are asked something like.?

The Doctors is a tv show and very informative and this was what was on the show and it get me thinking does the reason for a pap still matter (I know it matters obviously but the reason for one) to get it done even if you've never had sex? Also designed a *She* when I put he, sorry spelling error ha ha.
you and your doctor will need to decide if and when you should have a PAP question paper. PAP tests are to check for cell changes in the cervix, and is used as a screening tool for cervical cancer. risks for cervical cancer are by and large related to sexual practices, which is why it is safe to wait for screening until you become sexually active. another risk for cervical cancer is smoking. if you do not smoke, are not sexually helpful, and have no other problems relating to your reproductive system, it is generally safe to dally for your first pap test until you are 25.

breaking your hymen has nothing to do next to a reason to get a PAP test. and you should hold your ovaries checked and preform monthly breast exams (which has nothing to do with a PAP check, or being sexually active) to make sure you continue to be within good health.
A pap smear is looking for abnormal cell. Usually, we are not exposed to anything (HPV) that would cause an abnormality until after sex. However, just like breast cancer these can spontaneously go on. A baseline pap is taken early - I had one done at 16 no sex (of any kind) until almost 20. The baseline is what they'll check against to see if anything has changed. Even a slight vary may be an indicator or just a "hey pay attention". With the new vaccine for HPV, I mull over most doctor are relaxing their guard a bit. A pap smear and pelvic exam are painless and are over in 5 minutes. A little uncomfortable, yes but painless.

The receptionist is wrong. You don't have to hold sex before a pelvic exam. They're just checking you out to make sure everything is where on earth it should be. If I were you, I'd get one done. It never hurts to know you're okay.

And mention to your doctor what the receptionist said. Every woman should have a full physical. They will do what you ask them to. If you ask for an annual physical, you'll be planned for a pelvic exam and pap smear.
Well a pap test is generally designed to detect cervical cancer, which we now know can be cause by HPV. What you may not know is that not all cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV, and HPV is quite adjectives, it is not necessarily limited to people that have have sex. Pap tests can also detect other changes in cell, or any other problems that are going on down there, so it is a good thing to enjoy when you reach the most common age that problems start occuring.

Get it done anyways, better safe than sorry, and next your doctor won't yell at you when you are 25, married, and only then going for your first one (like me a few months ago!). As for the cog about the hymen, if you have ever used a tampon, it's already probably broken, same with if you hold ever masturbated, or more or less stuck anything up there ever, so don't worry in the region of that. Paps don't make you lose your virginity, virginity is defined by "never having been penetrated by a man" so near you go!!

P.S. They really aren't that bad, if you think you should procure one, go get it done!
You don't have to be sexualadjectivesactive to be at risk for cervical cancer. A pap smear is only one part of a gyno exam. This examination checks for abnormal cells of the cervix which may develop into something more serious. It's important to pilfer care of your health so you can live the best and healthiest life you can. Getting your annual exam is cut of being a woman and now is a great time to start. Source(s): reproductive health nurse

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