What's up near adjectives these guys asking question in the order of girls one kicked surrounded by the groin?

I feel it's a bit awkward. The questions I have see usually ask if it hurts a girl to be kicked down there. Isn't it obvious that the answer is yes? While it won't have impossible to tell apart effect as it would on a man, it still hurts. Are some men suddenly developing pudendum envy? Are they jealous of the fact that a woman can't be defeated as easily from a blow between the legs? Sure a girl can withstand a hit in that far better than a guy, but hey they have to go through menstruation and childbirth. And from what my girl friends tell me, it sucks.

Yeah, a see in the balls is the most painful entity for a guy to experience. They lose all their strength, feel nauseous, and sometimes even intervene out. But it doesn't happen all the time if you are careful and don't touch girls inappropriately or piss them stale ;) Menstruation on the other hand, happens monthly whether a girl wants it or not.

So those of you guys who want you had balls of steel, man up!
Well this is actually a forum for questions and answers, so.... from time to time you will see a few silly ones.
I contemplate I like you :)
because guys want to know if it hurts AS MUCH as it does for a guy.

Menstruation doesn't hurt, harden up! Sure, you have a belly ache for a few days, but so what thats a belly soreness. We get them too you know?

And how dare you whinge about birth hurting, sure you can be surrounded by pain for days on end, but I have get migraines more than twice a week in my life and that is worse than birth, I am literally blinded for at most minuscule 2 days, and throwing up the entire time, unable to walk even to the car to return with driven to the hospital, and even then I need 2 injections to stop me vomiting, (which don't work) and to end the affliction (which only works enough to let me sleep through some of the agony). When have a man ever said hey darling I think you should kick me surrounded by the nut's. Tally all the times in history, then tally adjectives the times a woman has said "Hey darling I think we should own children" and I can assure you, birth is more popular.
you get a child out of giving birth, and can raise your own family, you carry last nights dinner from a kick to the bollocks.

Sure, birth hurts more, but I promise, that my migraines can hurt of late as bad but I don't get a family out of it, I newly get blinded and last nights dinner on the mat.
Menstruation doesn't hurt, you get stomach cramps and the inconvenience of bleeding, that lasts all of 3 or 4 days, and give you an excuse to complain about something.
As someone who have to deal w/ an unruly tween at a camp and had gotten kicked contained by the groin w/ the full force of said tween, it's not really all that painful.

It hurts, yes. Like if you got kicked or hit anywhere else no your body but I wasn't injured ample that I even had to pause and reasses. Men would go down or tolerate go and survival will dictate that they leave the situation. Myself and the other female counselor who also get kicked in the same area (it be really this kid's only move) we were able to subdue him w/out breaking away from him at adjectives.
I think guy's know it hurts girls to be kicked surrounded by the pubic area.
They just want to know to what degree it hurts (and never ask).

Men are raise from an early age to be invincible and have traits of invincibility while women are looked at as "fragile". When the fragile sex can defeat the invincible foe near one blow it's looked at as mind boggling.

The chances of hitting a girl in the groin are not very honourable. When it happens it is usually because of a horrible bike riding accident; it feels similar to someone kicked you really hard in the shin.

As far as menstruation... it's really more of a hassle. It does vary from woman to woman, but it is mostly comparable to a slight lead cold. Not exactly painful.

Child birth isn't pleasant, but doesn't exactly happen on a regular basis. (well for most people)

I guess i should supply that women aren't exactly flowers. Seriously, if a man want's to kick us in the groin (weird?) we can take it. Source(s): Bring it on

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