Does bleeding go down when you affianced within sex for the first time?

is that the sign of virginity?how about those without any bleeding after losing their virginity?what is the reason?
yes that is usually a sign of verginity but for some peopple, they do not bleed their first time. the blood is just your hymen, a covering contained by your vagina breaking. some people's break when they play sports and stuff so they dont bleed when they first hvae sex, some peoples dont break untill they do have sex thus the bleeding Source(s): answer mine?…
Bleeding is regular after losing your virginity, but you don't have to bleed to be a virgin. It is associated with the breaking of the hymen, if you have one, and the stretching of the vaginal walls. I be pretty sore for a few days afterward too. And I've bled a few times since then, although those times obviously weren't my first time. As long as the bleeding isn't excessive, it shouldn't indicate a problem. Source(s): my own first experience
yeah since u hymen is ripped and stretched, so it is going to bleed even if the guy is not rough.
Sometimes bleeding can occur when a girl engages in intercourse for the first time but not other. The type and thickness of the hymen differs from girl to girl. A non-perforated hymen will typically be thicker and more prone to bleeding. Source(s):…
wtf !? your not supposed to bleed
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you should probably get that checked out..
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the reason you bleed on your first time is because your hymen is breaking inside of you. you will most likely get the impression pain as well on your first time so it is perfectly typical and happens to everyone when they loose their virginity.
Yes, deeply of the time bleeding does occur when loosing virginity because of the hymen. When the hymen is "popped" it will bleed. However, if the girl is a virgin and uses tampons then the hymen will be stretched and the girl will probably not bleed. It just depends on how "loose" or "tight" the hymen already is.
yes. when you lose your virinity it satarts to bleed showing you that you have lost it . or you can be pregnant.
It is a Myth that bleeding during first intercourse is a sign of Virginity but this membrane which is called hymen can get hold of even torn by following actions~ Cycling, Masturbating, Swimming, Running and other sports activities and if you involve in intercourse you will not bleed since already your hymen is torn due to above sports activities so don't bother almost this myth.
Look up "hymen" on Wikipedia.
1-cherry popped;]
2-streching of dee vagina
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