Which one is better and why? wipe or tampax?

which one is beeter and secure and why
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pads are devout if you want to always feel like you're going to leach and want to be uncomfortable during your whole period...tampons are great if you coppers them often to prevent TSS .you can't feel a tampon inside you and chances of leak are very low.use absorbency suitable to your flow
i prefer tampons because to me they are more comfortable and they don't escape as easily. but neither one is better. they are about the same
Tampax. Way more comfortable, you can wear any kind of underwear you want, and you almost quality like your not even on your period at all.
Almost everyone says tampax because it's more comfy. BUT there is one item you must know they can cause infections and if you repeatedly get infections you may lose your ability to attain pregnant. Pads are a bit more messy, but hardly, and they will not cause infections. Just so you know

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