Why does my vagina smell so doomed to failure?

okay im only 14, so i havent had sex or anything yet. For slightly a few years now, when i used to get home from school i other had abit of wetness in my pants, i dunno if it be wee or if it was some form of discharge. if it was wee i never did it purposely. And sometimes it smells abit fishy, and i get a creamy-looking substance build up at the top of my clitorus. I wipe up everyday down there, but i used to (this was when i was approaching 10/11) use soap and actually wash inside my vagina.. i never knew going on for infections etc. It's really getting me down because it's making me self concious, and ruining all my new underwear i use. Is this an infection? because if it is, my mum had to use some Canesten Duo once and theres still some contained by the cupboard.. please please please help! it's gets me so down :(
LOL, look it up on webmd.com Source(s): webmd.com
You need to call in your doctor who will take some swabs and then be able to prescribe you the proper medication. Don't be dismayed, they deal with this kind of entity all the time.
Soap can sometimes be a bit harsh for sensitive areas and you can buy products meant for that nouns of your body.
Don't use canestan duo. It sounds like you probably have bacterial vaginosis (which is actually more adjectives than thrush...) which causes a discharge with a fishy smell, and using thrush treatments will make this worse. You will requirement to go to the doctor for antibiotics or an antibiotic gel to insert, which should clear up the infection and smell. It's also good to start taking Fem-D or acidophilus to balance the microbes in the vagina. Source(s): EDIT I strongly recommend going to the doctor. If you don't, this will become harder to shift. Do you really want to be stuck with this surrounded by 10 years' time? Also, I had a bout of bv which led to a pelvic infection and although this is uncommon, it can be off someone infertile. You're messing with your health by not getting this checked out.
You could buy some Balance Activ which is a gel to insert. It's quite expensive but use it for 7 night and then whenever the smell starts to come back.
I still think you should travel to the doctor though.
use the canesten.
It sounds like it could be an infection, or resembling yeast. I have had this problem since i was your ago too. My doc give me nystatin cream and it helps ...i wouldnt use someone else's meds though because you may not have the same problem. You could also be allergic to the laundry detergent your mom uses to rinse out your under wear. You might try getting something that is more delicate, resembling the stuff they use for baby clothes, i cant think of the name of it. Have you mentioned this to your mom? i know it is shameful, but it is better to talk about it and get it fixed than to hold suffering. You may have to see the doc and get something for this. Vagisil is something also that might help, but i still grain like you should get checked so you know what you are dealing with. You could try shifting laundry detergent. You also could use a different body wsh cause you might be reacting to the one you are using. Increase your intake of water also, sometimes i smell desperate when i dont drink enough water. During the summer, you probly go swimming seriously. Dont wear your suit around after swimming, that can cause a problem down there, it gets heat and moist and yeast will grow in that environment. Make sure you dry off good after showers and after swimming. Make sure you wear a verbs bathing suit. If yuou are using silky underwear, you may want to switch to cotton ones. I had to do that also. Do not wear shorts or pants without lower than wear. Make sure when you take a shower, rinse very thoroughly down there so at hand is no soap left. try some of those things for a week or so, then call the doc if it doesnt rearrange. Make sure you stay very clean also when you are on your period. It is better to clutch showers than to soak in a tub also, and yuo can get infections from that. Dolnt use bubble bath, they right to be heard that can also cause infection down there. Hope this helped. Let your mom read this and ask her what she think about my ideas, ok?
its BV a bacterial infection
i don't think its an infection i think you should use summer's eve . its like a clean up for your vagina . don't use the stuff that your mom used because shes grown and it could have a different effect on you . you can buy summer's eve at any store like target or walmart places like that .
There is a cure for this smell. Buy some grapefruit seed extract from a health food shop. DILUTE it as the instructions enunciate and put it in a bottle that you can use to squirt it inside. It cures thrush and vaginosis harmlessly, but you should read about it yourself before you use it. It also cures sore cuts, athletes foot, dandruff and you can even purify drinking hose with it. Stinky facecloths become fresh again, in fact I reckon it has been used in hospital laundries at times too. First, acquire yourself checked by a doctor.
I wipe up "down there" everyday and it smells bad to. :o I guess that's how its suppose to be.

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