I want aid from grown WOMEN! How should I move when I'm contained by the "on top" position?

I'm not often in this position so naturally I'm not really confident contained by my skills. I always feel awkward and wierd like I'm not moving my body right. Can anyone else relate? What can i do/How can i move my body to translation this?
You move around until its obvious he like it.
I can relate. When I am on top, it feels awkward and like I'm not doing it correctly. Not solitary that, my hips end up being spread too wide and I can scarcely move at all. He ends up holding my hips and doing most of the work anyway :( If you find a solution, let me know.
OOoohhhhhhh...my fave position!!
Just imagine you are riding a horse!! "giddy up girl" lol

...this is kinda hard to explain without giving a demo!!
I guess its adjectives to do with the hips....swivel a little, go from slow to hastily, grinding back and forth, up and down, around and around - you will be able to tell when you do something that he like........make sure your boobs are getting some attention too while you are doing all of the hard work!

You're on top, so that scheme you have complete control....do what feels good to you because I promise you it will be aware of good for him too!!
Have fun practicing... Yeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!
Rock back or forth or bounce up and down

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